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Amanda Hoey is a producer and the founder/owner of both Artistic Connection and Windsor House Entertainment, based in North Carolina. From film production to some of the most prestigious fashion shows globally, her vast experience and proven track record have made her a viable asset in all areas of entertainment. Since joining forces with Allen Films Media Group, she has helped shape both companies into a turnkey resource for commercial and film production. She has worked hand-in-hand with some of the most reputable production companies and talent in the business, including The Disappointments Room for Warner Brothers (starring Kate Beckinsale and Gerald McCraney) and the critically acclaimed independent feature Hard Surfaces (starring Shawn Pyfrom from ABC’s hit show Desperate Housewives).

Her company, Artistic Connection, has been the hub for numerous educational seminars with film industry professionals from around the globe. These seminars offer incredible insight from some of the most prominent figures working in the film and television industry, all of whom have contributed to an array of content, from cult classics to upcoming releases to recent show favorites, including Saturday Night Live, JAG, Miami Vice, Vikings, Beetle juice, Pirates of the Caribbean, Christmas Vacation, Jumanji (1995) and many others. Attendees are given the opportunity to ask questions and gain knowledge about the film industry in the fields they wish to pursue. Whether she’s in high heels or sneakers, Amanda’s ingenious ideas, high-energy personality, enthusiasm and extensive knowledge make her a key asset to whatever creative endeavor she pursues.


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